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Source: istock

Mom Wants to Put 2-Year-Old in Outdoor Bedroom and Gets Roasted to Oblivion


A mom got roasted royally online when she asked people on Facebook for outdoor furniture recommendations for her unvaccinated child.

It seems like there's no shortage of witty comments from people who are more than willing to burn the heck out of proud anti-vaxxers who request suggestions on how to keep their kids healthy in the wake of a viral outbreak.

Whatever your thoughts on vaccinations are, it doesn't change the fact that there's no evidence whatsoever that they're linked to autism, a fact that's been proven time and time again. But just like someone who swears they like the jokes on Big Bang Theory despite their inability to cite a single one that is actually funny or technically a joke, there are still people who maintain that vaccinations are bad.

Maybe because the government is bad or some other tin-foil hat-related argument, who knows?

I'd bet, however, that even the most stalwart anti-vaxxer would disagree with a mom who thinks that it'd be a good idea to craft an outdoor bedroom for their 2-year-old. Yes. 2, years old, and they want their toddler to sleep outside. And they don't want to have a debate about it, they just want recommendations for outdoor furniture.

Oh, and they better not hear any flak from REBECCA for it, either. Friggin' Rebecca, always sticking her nose in other's people's business on public Facebook posts.