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Source: Emojipedia

Apple Just Released a Ton of New Inclusive Emoji Options


It's taken quite a while, y'all, but it's finally here: Apple just unveiled its highly anticipated iOS 13.2 update, which was introduced earlier this year in summer 2019... and it includes a slew of new, extra inclusive emojis.

Yes, you heard that loud and clear, friends — Apple is now offering gender-neutral emojis, interracial couple emojis, and even emojis with disabilities. So it's safe to say that I'm psyched beyond belief.

Apple now offers 457 gender-neutral emojis.

iOS 13.2 definitely doesn't disappoint in the emoji department — for starters, they have a number of new gender-neutral emojis. According to Emojipedia, 255 emoji designs were modified to present gender-neutral options for their person-focused emojis. 

Now, combined with gender-neutral options from previous updates, Apple officially offers a total of 457 gender-neutral designs. Pretty sweet, right?