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Source: Instagram

After Champagne-Gate, Hannah Ann and Kelsey Weier Are Unlikely Friends — 'Bachelor' Spoilers


Living in the same house with 30 women while you all pine for one man's affection is sure to create some tension. But, surprisingly, it can also create some friendships.

If you watch The Bachelor with any frequency, you know that every season there are definitely girls who get along better than others and many of those who go home stay friendly even after the show ends.

But one friendship that seems unlikely is Hannah Ann and Kelsey. We know the pair feuded all season, but are they friends now?

Their feud starts with Champagne-Gate.

If you've been following either Hannah Ann or Kelsey on social media, you'll know they both alluded to a little something they're calling "Champagne-Gate."

Reality Steve gave us a rundown of what Champagne-Gate is really about, but E! News also premiered a sneak peek of the situation, so we can get a better idea of what the drama is all about.

In the preview, Kelsey reveals that she brought with her a special bottle of champagne to open on the show.