Are Julian and Elizabeth Cullen From 'The Bureau of Magical Things' Related?

Kori Williams - Author

Jul. 8 2021, Published 6:28 p.m. ET

Darra and Imogen Blackwell
Source: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

The Australian comedy series The Bureau of Magical Things arrived to Netflix in 2020 and fans are waiting for a second season. For those who don't know, the show is about a world where humanity and magic co-existed until technology becomes more prevalent and pushes the magical world into the background. But a teenager named Kyra does what she can to restore the balance to what it once was.

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Two actors in the series, Julian Cullen and Elizabeth Cullen play sibling elves Darra and Imogen Blackwell, respectively. But considering the actors also share the same last name, fans are curious to know whether they're related in real life as well as on the show.

Are Julian and Elizabeth Cullen related?

Julien and Elizabeth are in fact related. He's her younger brother, according to The Bureau of Magical Things' fandom page and it turns out that they both auditioned for completely different roles on the show. The characters Darra and Imogen weren't originally related, but that changed after the actors both auditioned and secured their roles.

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darra and imogen

According to Press Reader, Elizabeth said things fell into place for their elf characters to be related. "We auditioned separately and originally we weren't going to be playing brother and sister," she said. "It just kind of happened."

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Even though they're related, Darra and Imogen are very different.

Just because these two elves are related doesn't mean that they always see eye to eye. On The Bureau of Magical Things, Darra and Imogen are very different characters. While they are both training to become members of the Department of Magical Intervention, their personalities are polar opposites.

On one hand, Imogen works alone. She's not really a fan of teamwork and is really serious about her studies. Because she'd rather be alone, it takes her a while to start to open up to Kyra, the protagonist.

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On the other hand, Darra is more social. It's easier for him to make friends and he is more open to Kyra from the beginning. Possibly as a result of his difference in attitude, he's not as concerned with his studies and isn't as serious about the work he has to do to become a member of the DMI.

Luckily, this won't be the last time we see these real-life and on-screen siblings in action. In a post on Instagram, Elizabeth said that the second season of The Bureau of Magical Things will be available in Australia in July 2021. But there was no word about when it would come to Netflix in the U.S.

Since the second season of The Bureau of Magical Things has yet to be released, it's unclear whether a third season will happen just yet. But thanks to an announcement from the show, we do know that in Season 2, Kyra will continue to work on harnassing her magical power in a world that doesn't accept her as part-human. But this time, the cast is on an adventure to find a piece of magical history called The Temple of the Purple Lotus.


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