People Actually Showed Up for the Area 51 Raid and There's So Many Memes



Despite repeated warnings from the military, hundreds of alien hunters have arrived near Area 51 after a viral Facebook event which encourages users to  "raid Area 51" on Sept. 20. The creator of the event, Matty Roberts, came out to say that the event was meant as a joke, but that doesn't seem to have deterred many people. 

And yes, there have already been arrests. On Wednesday, Sept. 18, Dutch Youtube star Ties Granzier and a friend were arrested when they trespassed on the military base. And according to reports, one woman was detained last night when she attempted to cross into the base. 

According to Mashable, around 500 people showed up to Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, Nevada, where a three-day music festival is being held close to Area 51. 

The participants, who want to free the aliens they believe to be on the base, appear to have also set up base in Las Vegas and areas surrounding the military base. Last night, a group gathered at the entrance of the base with plenty of signs. 

And yes, people are already practising their Naruto running for when they decide to storm Area 51. 

The hashtag #LiveFromTheArea51Raid has also started trending, with people sharing plenty of memes about the whole thing. 

This user appears to be in a hurry to take part after they expected no one to actually show up to the raid. 

"I'm about to see either the greatest event of the 21st Century or the worst," another user wrote.

Another user shared what the reaction of the aliens might be after they discover that no one is actually coming to save them. 

Yeah, that's probably going to happen at some point. 

Others are already anticipating the end result of the raid. 

Yeah, we're happy being safe in our homes, but you go and free those aliens!

This user already thinks that the raid is going to make history. 

We need to prepare for every eventuality. 

We didn't think they were actually serious about the whole "they can't stop us all" bit. 

Oh, Karen. 

They seem to be having fun. 

If you are attending, then Bud Light is sponsoring an Area 51 Celebration in Las Vegas, where they'll be selling limited-edition galactic merchandise. Arby's is also driving a food truck to the "Raid Area 51" base camp at the Alien Research Center in Hiko, Nev.

Hopefully everyone participating takes this for the joke it is and no one gets hurt. Now, let's find those aliens. 

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