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Source: iStock

People Are Trolling Area 51 Truthers With These Hilarious Memes


Do aliens really exist? Are there other life forms deep in space? Are we not alone? Books, movies, and television have pointed to the idea that there are extraterrestrials out in the universe that have yet to be discovered … or have they? Area 51 located in Amargosa Valley, Nev., has been a place of mystery and surrounded by conspiracies of top-secret government agencies conducting research on aliens for decades.  

The highly restricted government area has kept outsiders at bay with the 5,000-square-mile desert secured by heavily armed military, radar, and barbed wire. If you venture close enough to the property, you’ll be met with warning signs signaling passerby that the area is “restricted” and “use of deadly force authorized.” So, with Area 51 being a place clouded for years with conspiracy theorists, why is it now trending?