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Man Doesn't Understand Why His Neighbor Doesn't Want to Cook for Him


I personally love to cook, especially trying out new recipes to impress my spouse or friends. But even though I enjoy this chore more than people typically do, there are plenty reasons why I wouldn't be keen on doing it for a stranger in my building. But all those reasons seem to be escaping a clueless gentleman who posted on reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" community with genuine confusion over a neighbor's reaction to his very odd request.

A user with the screen name "AwayPerformer" describes himself as "a 31-year-old single guy who lives alone in an apartment complex," where he has lived for six years. His neighbor, who he calls "Katie" — because he doesn't actually know her first name — has lived across the hall for two of those years. Though they say hello when they pass each other, they don't hang out or, you know... know each other's names, but that seems pretty typical to this New Yorker who doesn't know the names of a single person in her building other than the superintendant and the girl with the very cute dog. 

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Pictured: A stranger in your building who probably does not want to make you dinner.