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This Medic Worked the AstroWorld Event and Described the Tragedy on TikTok


Nov. 9 2021, Published 1:24 p.m. ET

The tragic events of Travis Scott’s third annual AstroWorld have left many people feeling absolutely devastated.

There have also been a lot of questions surrounding how such a horrifying tragedy could occur in the first place. Was it the lack of adequate security? Was it the fact that the show pressed on even after barricades were broken down with extra people swarming into the event unchecked? Was it the fact that Travis continued to perform despite ambulances driving through the crowd?

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The rapper released a video on social media in the aftermath, but it was met with a lot of criticism because many people felt his apology was insincere. Kylie Jenner also posted a statement on Instagram offering her thoughts and prayers to the people impacted over the course of the terrifying evening.

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Many users on TikTok are posting their firsthand accounts of what the night was really like — and they’re not holding anything back. An EMT named @remi.rich, who was actually at AstroWorld, posted a series of videos on TikTok explaining how the events unfolded. Here’s what he revealed.

Source: TikTok @remi.rich
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One AstroWorld medic shared his POV of the night on TikTok.

The scariest accounts of Astroworld are coming from people who were actually there, and TikToker @remi.rich described the terrors he witnessed in great detail. He started off his TikTok series by describing the moment he discovered a girl passed out in the crowd. It turns out that she had been unconscious for at least 10 minutes before his arrival. He was unable to find a pulse or signs of breathing when he checked her body.

On his way out to retrieve a medical crash bag, @remi.rich ended up coming across two other EMTs providing "one-man CPR" on two more unconscious individuals. He noted that calling for backup and getting extra help on the scene was difficult because radios weren’t working and the music was extremely loud. Ultimately, the first girl he found passed out was able to be successfully carried out on a stretcher and he was able to assist the other EMTs he saw performing one-man CPR.

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Source: TikTok @remi.rich

As he worked his way through the crowd, the TikToker said people were grabbing on to him, begging for help in a way that sounds chillingly desperate. He said he had people reaching for him and pleading, “Please help me, I broke my foot. Please help me, I dislocated my shoulder. Please help me, I feel like I’m going to pass out.”

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He told them he would do his best to come back for them but that there were more urgent, life-or-death situations happening that he needed to handle first. He said there were cops on the scene helping the EMT team and mentioned he was grateful for them being there. After witnessing three bodies down within such a small time frame, he said he wondered how many more bodies were on the ground elsewhere throughout the festival.

Source: TikTok @remi.rich
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This is @remi.rich's true opinion of the night.

In the third video of his TikTok series, @remi.rich said, “In the thick of this I’m like, 'So many people are going down, so many people are getting injured,' and my observations were that there was zero crowd etiquette at all. They just wanted to get closer to the show, closer to Travis Scott, and they didn’t give a single damn about anyone around them. It was an absolute sh--show.”

He also spoke out against the negative rumors circulating about untrained EMTs from that night, stating that he and his colleagues were all seasoned, trained, and knew what they were doing. He described the EMT staff as being an A-Team that was presented with an “impossible situation.” He and the people he worked with saved and helped as many people as they were able to that night.

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