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Source: istock

Redditor Feeds "Vegan" Nephew Meat Behind Mom's Back


If you grew up in a family with strict dietary requirements, you know how delicious the "forbidden fruit" can seem. I can't really relate to that, as the smell of bacon and all things pork were so vilified in me as a child that I never really lusted after it.

That being said, I never ate 100 percent halal as a kid: I still had Burger King, Pizza Hut, and McDonald's, I still ate fruit snacks and gummy bears and worms with gelatin in them. And, I oh of course drank soda made with trace amounts of alcohol.

And while specific dietary lifestyles aren't exactly religions, a lot of people still treat them like they are. Like militant vegans who shun any cuisine or diet that doesn't 100 percent adapt to their philosophy. One aunt is feeling mighty guilty after discovering her "vegan" nephew is fond of the chicken nuggets she feeds her own son.

Source: twitter