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A Vegan Bride Disinvites Meat-Eating Family Members From Her Wedding



Australia is really having a moment these days, and it’s not just thanks to the global success of Instant Hotel or Yummy Mummies. They’re also breaking the internet when it comes to crazy bridal news, thanks to one vegan who sought solidarity in a vegan group on Facebook after she narrowed her guest list down in the most absurd and dramatic way possible.

In a now-deleted post, the bride explained she was banning all of her meat-eating family from her nuptial celebrations for being “murderers.” “When your ‘family’ tries to guilt trip you into letting them come to your fully vegan wedding, even though they’re omnivore,” she wrote in the group, followed by two crying-laughing emojis.

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“Just for some context,” the bride continued, “some family members were told they are not invited to my wedding because we don’t want to host murderers. Our wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives.” 

But it seems like she barked up the wrong tree with this post. Although this bride thought she would be flooded with comments of support and like-mindedness, the vegan Facebook group was more than appalled by her extreme wedding decision. 

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“As a vegan,” wrote one, “this is messed up. You can’t go around calling your family murderers!” Another said, “She is out of her mind. I’d be happy to cut her off of my life if I were the family.” A third was compassionate enough to add, “I totally understand serving vegan food exclusively, that makes sense … but banning people and calling them murderers is just ridiculous.”

Some fellow vegans suggested this would actually have been the perfect time to promote her plant-based diet and show omnivores vegan food can be just as delicious as animal-derived fare. “As a vegan, wouldn’t this be a prime opportunity to prove that vegan food can be just as delicious as omnivore food anyway?” wondered one person on the platform.

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Another added, “My cousin had a perfectly delicious vegan buffet at her wedding and all the carnivores had a great time so…” And someone else chimed in to hammer this point home, writing: “This would have been a great way for her to show off her vegan lifestyle and prove the food is delicious.”

Not expecting this kind of backlash from her vegan brethren, our bride doubled down with a lengthy follow-up to her post. This rant didn’t make her look any better and just stirred the pot of her family drama.

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“They have consistently attacked me and my partner just for being vegan,” she added, saying her family members were only acting “all buddy buddy” since she and her partner started planning the wedding.

“When I broke the news to them,” she continued, “all I got was attacked because I don’t want the weight of having people that still kill animals (the very beings we are trying to protect) at my wedding on my conscience.”

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Then she addressed her cry for support and sympathy. “I posted in here because I thought I would get some understanding from people doing the same thing as me,” wrote the vegan bride. “I have tried to educate these people for more than two years with no result so I’m not putting up with it at my wedding of all days when they will probably cause problems there too.”

“I’m not sorry if that makes me ‘rude’ or ‘a b---h’ because I am not compromising the ethics that I share with everyone here,” she decisively concluded. This bride might be shocking with her demands, but she is not for one second backing down from her views. 

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Since making the rounds last week, the vegan bride’s post has garnered hundreds of comments and has been shared in other Facebook groups. But in a hilarious twist that can only be credited to fate, one of the bride’s murderously non-vegan family members seems to have caught sight of this thread.

“What’s the most f--ked up thing you’ve ever experience?” she wrote in the comments. “I just got un-invited to a wedding that I was meant to be a bridesmaid for, because I’m not vegan. To make matters worse, this girl is FAMILY who I’ve grown up with my whole life.”

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Moments after this family member’s comment surfaced, the bride deleted her original post, which in turn erased the entire thread. Talk about family drama. Personally, I’d like to see this whole story from the former bridesmaid’s perspective. 

It's one thing to weed guests out of your wedding for their dietary preferences, but it's another entirely to disinvite members of your bridal party after they’ve agreed to play a part in your wedding celebration. Also, unless you’ve recently been out to eat with every single person on your guest list, it’s hard to imagine how this picky bride knows who is and isn’t vegan. 

Plus, after making that kind of a fuss, you’d better hope you’re not inadvertently using leather or leather details ANYWHERE or even animal-derived ink in any of your pens, for that matter. Boy, I wish I was a fly on the wall of this wedding. I’d spend every moment of the party evaluating the animal cruelty used in any of the products, bridal outfits, cleaning products, you name it. It better look exactly like this horrendous vegan suite Hilton recently unveiled or this bride and groom are just as complicit as the omnivores they’ve banned from their party.

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