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Source: Netflix

Here's How You Can Book a Stay at Every 'Instant Hotel' From the Netflix Show


The phenomenon known as Instant Hotel may not be new to Aussies, but the show recently became an American binge-watching fave when it arrived on Netflix earlier this month. The reality competition program, which follows five groups of homestay hosts as they open their "instant hotels" to other show contestants is basically TLC's Four Weddings, with a flair of AirBnB.

And the funnest part about it all is that viewers can book the Australian contestants' houses for themselves, if they want to inject a little reality TV into their next stay down under.

Read on for how to book each Instant Hotel's contestant's home. Warning: This post contains some spoilers.

1. Babe and Bondi (Bondi Beach)

Source: Netflix

Our favorite mother-daughter contestant duo is undoubtedly Bondi Beach's Babe and Bondi. Devoted host Babe is so loyal to her Sydney neighborhood, she even named her daughter after the iconic beach. Their house was one of Instant Hotel's favorites, and even secured Bondi and her mom a spot in the final round. 

To book their margarita-inspired getaway, select your Bondi Beach dates here.