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These Are The Terrifying Spiders That Occasionally Pop Up In Australians' Homes



If you've ever played old-school RPGs, then you're very familiar with the concept of Level 99 monster island.

There's some hidden area in the game that packs the toughest enemies that'll kill you in one hit. These absolutely terrifying beasts will slay you entire party unless you're up to snuff, and you'll have to grind your guys for experience points outside of the area for hours before you can even stand a chance.

Australia is pretty much Level 99 monster island in real life and that's because there are plenty of different insects, reptiles, mammals, and even giant birds that seem like they could end your life in a moment's notice.

Take the Cassowary for instance, this modern day velociraptor hates humans and pretty much all living things that aren't other Cassowaries:

As awful as it would be to get eviscerated by the talons of a wild Cassowary, for some reason an enormous bird doesn't give people the heebie jeebies like a giant spider does. And unfortunately, there are plenty of those to go around in 'Straya.

People from all parts of the country are sharing photos of the arachnid "friends" they're finding in their homes and honestly, it looks like a nightmare come true.

Whether they're poisonous or just big and icky looking - who the heck would want to wake up and have one of these staring at them?

People are shuddering at the thought of these eight-legged guys just chilling above their heads.

And can you really blame them?

Just imagine you're trying to enjoy a bowl of cereal and this guy waves hello.

To be perfectly honest, if I was head of Australia's tourism department, I'd ask these people to remove these tweets immediately.

Because who in the heck wants to go traveling around places where these spiders are apparently lurking around every corner?

For some, the spiders are scarier than they look.

Even dead they manage to be terrifying.

As far as I'm concerned, there's only one way to deal with these creepy-crawlies.

That's what I'm talking about.

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