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Source: Twitter

A Food Editor Attempted This Crazy Viral Recipe and Recorded Every Hilarious Step


We've all scrolled through social media and come across a recipe video so crazy,, we've thought, "surely no sane person would make that." Or, if you're me. "No sane person would cook that. I should cook that." This is how I ended up with a diabetes-inducing Lucky Charms cheesecake in my refrigerator for a week before I wisely tossed it into the trash..

Well, People food editor Shay Spence is clearly a child after my own heart, because he decided to take on a ridiculous food concoction of his own. After seeing a viral video making the rounds this weekend on Twitter, he documented every step of the very complicated recipe for a deep-fried, deep-dish BBQ chicken-stuffed pepperoni pizzadilla. 

1. Our intrepid food pioneer

Source: Instagram

Why would Shay do this, you might ask? Because he could, I guess. And because he is a self-professed recipe truther who wanted to see just how complicated this monstrosity was and whether it was delicious or abominable. To the delight of Twitter users — whether they were intrigued or disgusted by the promised end product — he documented every step.