We're Officially Obsessed With Michelle Obama’s "Becoming" Necklace

Abi Travis - Author

May 7 2020, Updated 3:50 p.m. ET

becoming necklace michelle obama
Source: Netflix

There’s one segment in Becoming (the new documentary all about former First Lady Michelle Obama) that discusses the importance of fashion, and how it felt to create a signature look that would always be on display. “I had to become strategic about how I presented myself because it had the potential to define me for the rest of my life,” she says. “Fashion for a woman predominates how people view you.”

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“I would make some impassioned speech and they would say, ‘She’s wearing an interesting designer dress.’ So it was OK, let’s embrace the fact people are looking at my shoes and not just highlight me and the clothes but who we wanted to be as an administration — forward-thinking, embracing youth, embracing diversity.”

This strategic thinking didn’t disappear after the Obama family left the White House, and Michelle’s fashion choices throughout the documentary prove it. There’s one look in particular that viewers have taken special note of — in several shots throughout the documentary, Michelle is wearing a necklace that features the word “Becoming.” Wondering how to get your own “Becoming” necklace? We have a few ideas.

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Michelle is wearing her “Becoming” necklace in this photo of her and her mom that she recently shared on Instagram.

The “Becoming” necklace Michelle Obama wears in the documentary is totally gorgeous.

The word “becoming” is significant to Michelle for several different reasons. Perhaps most obviously, it’s the title of her book (and the documentary, of course). But we think it’s pretty safe to assume she isn’t simply wearing the “Becoming” necklace as a way to advertise her creative projects — that’s not really how Michelle Obama rolls.

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Both the book and the documentary share a deeply personal story of Michelle becoming the person she is today. It didn’t happen all at once, but only after many years of hard work, dedication, and very intentional decision making. Michelle didn’t apply that level of strategic planning solely to the outfits she wore — she applied it to nearly every aspect of her life.

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Wearing the “Becoming” necklace serves to highlight Michelle’s journey to becoming the influential figure she is today.  Also, if we may so, the necklace itself is rather becoming — coincidence?! (Maybe!)

Want to buy your own “Becoming” necklace?

If you want a “Becoming” necklace for yourself, you’ve got a couple of options. First, you can try searching for “nameplate necklaces” on Etsy and choose one to customize. There are a ton of options to choose from in a range of prices. And, bonus, you get to support a small business!

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If you don’t mind exercising some patience, you might also want to keep your eye on the official Becoming shop. In the past, the shop has offered merchandise emblazoned with some of Michelle’s most famous sayings (like “When they go low, we go high”). We wouldn’t be surprised if an official “Becoming” necklace is available there at some point.

Or, hey — maybe now is the time to become a jewelry artist and learn how to craft your own “Becoming” necklace! That’s a very Michelle Obama thing to do, right?

Becoming is available to stream on Netflix now.

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