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11 Years Later, Bella Swan Is Still Very Relevant in Our Lives



Did you read every Twilight book... more than five times each? Do you own the movies on DVD? Are you "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob?" In 2008, Stephenie Meyer's bestselling book, Twilight, created a cinematic phenomenon all over the world. Fans (including us) could not get enough of the human-vampire-werewolf love triangle or this supernatural universe.

Though Kristen Stewart (who played Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (who played Edward Cullen) have moved on in their careers after saying goodbye to their beloved characters in the final movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012), Twilight fans have not.

Twihards (the name of the fandom) continue to reminisce about the cast and characters that had a major impact on their lives... or at least continue to root for Bella and Edward's love story. 

Celebrate Bella Swan's birthday with these hilarious Tumblr posts.

Sorry, "Team Jacob" fans. Social media continues to bolster an enormous amount of support for the franchise. So, in honor of Bella Swan's birthday on Sept. 13, we decided to skim through Tumblr to see what fans are saying about the brown-haired lamb who captured the lion's heart. And, it's safe to say, fans will not let the memory of Bella die. 

Check out these 12 hilarious Tumblr posts about Bella that prove she is still very much relevant in all of our lives. #TwilightForever.

1. Who didn't swoon during this moment?

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Basically, all of us whenever Edward played the piano for Bella in Twilight.

2. Remember, Bella... you're human.

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Seriously, Bella was so excited to follow Edward into the woods... even after she knew he was a vampire.

3. LOL!

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Rosalie was NOT thrilled her family was going all out for the human. 

4. Bella is every girl after meeting a guy for the first time.

Source: Tumblr

That moment when Edward thought his identity was safe and Bella googled a few keywords to come up with the answer: vampire.

5. Oh snap!

Source: Tumblr

When you and your friend decide to get all nostalgic and re-watch the Twilight saga for the 100th time on a Saturday night, and we hold our breath waiting for Bella to finally wake up. 

6. Edward, you're still so damn pretty.

Source: Tumblr

When Edward keeps trying to warn Bella that he wants to kill her, yet all she can focus on is his sparkly skin...

7. Let's forget it ever happened...

Source: Tumblr

When you casually remember that Edward had to bite baby Renesmee out of Bella's womb with his teeth. Ew, gross.

8. Bella is a #hustler.

Source: Tumblr

No one can disagree, Bella is set for life... or in her case, "eternity." 

9. Seriously, this series is iconic on so many levels.

Source: Tumblr

Try to prove me wrong: Bella Swan had the best freaking one-liners out of any Twilight character.

10. #Twihard forever!

Source: Tumblr

When my friends talk about how they used to be obsessed with Twilight 10 years ago and I'm sitting over here with an Edward Cullen poster still hanging in my room...

11. When Edward thought he couldn't have kids...

Source: Tumblr

Edward's reaction to Bella's pregnancy announcement still makes us LOL. 

12. "It's good."

Source: Tumblr

Bella pausing for a dramatic moment trying to act like she doesn't like the taste of human blood... girl, don't play.

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