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Relive the 8 Most Romantic Jack and Kate Moments on 'Lost'



There are plenty of iconic TV couples we can't get enough of, from Rachel and Ross to Meredith and Derek to Castle and Beckett, but one pair who will always hold a special place in our hearts is Jack Shephard and Kate Austen.

While Jack (Matthew Fox) and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) don't technically end up together on Lost (because spoiler alert they were dead the entire time), that doesn't make their love story any less romantic. 

Jate, as they are known by die-hard fans, first met shortly after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, and their relationship was definitely one emotional rollercoaster ride. It also didn't help that there was a love quadrangle getting in the way of their love, featuring Sawyer and Juliet. 

Despite the obstacles on and off the island, Jack and Kate still found their way to each other at the end of the day. In other words, "Jate is fate." 

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1. When Jack and Kate first meet.

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In the pilot episode, Jack and Kate first meet as Kate helps to stitch up Jack's injured back. While it's not the most romantic introduction, the chemistry between Jate was obvious from the very beginning. Jack's tattoos also helped. 

Fun fact: Jack's first words to Kate were, "Excuse me. Did you ever use a needle?"

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2. When Jack and Kate kiss for the first time.

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It's not until Season 2, Episode 9 that Jack and Kate share their first kiss. The romantic moment takes place in the jungle after Kate apologizes for not being as "good" as Jack. 

When she tries to run away from the doctor, Jack grabs her arm and pulls her in for an embrace, comforting her. Kate responds by kissing an unsuspecting Jack — and promptly running away. 

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3. When Jack and Kate get caught in the net.

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Who can forget the moment Jack and Kate got trapped together in a net set by Rousseau? Only this couple would make the otherwise scary moment H-O-T. 

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4. When Jack and Kate reunite in the Hydra Station.

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Jack and Kate reunite in the Hydra Station, after Juliet brings Kate in to convince Jack to operate on Ben in order to save Sawyer. Jack eventually performs the surgery — despite knowing what happened between Kate and Sawyer in that cage... 

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5. When Jack tells Kate he loves her.

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Jack finally tells Kate "I love you" while trekking to the radio tower during the Season 3 finale. Simultaneously, in a flash-forward scene, Jack tries to convince Kate to return to the island with him, but Kate rejects his offer. 

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6. When Jack proposes to Kate following her trial.

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Off the island, it appears that Jack and Kate are living together and happier than ever following her trial. In Season 4, Episode 10 titled "Something Back Home," Jack asks Kate to marry him and she says, "Yes! Of course I will, yes." 

So sweet. 

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7. When Jack and Kate kiss for the last time.

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During the series finale, it is revealed that Jack will take on the role of the protector of the Island. Following Jack and Kate's fight with the Man in Black, Jack is tasked with undoing the chain of events — which could mean they are separated forever. The couple share one last kiss before Kate parting ways. 

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8. When Jack and Kate reunite at the church.

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However, the couple is reunited at what Jack believes is his father's funeral. But plot twist: Jack soon realizes that he and the rest of his fellow castaways are all dead. He takes a seat next to Kate and couple holds hands as a white light washes over them. 

So, in the end, Jack and Kate are fate. 

What is your favorite "Jate" moment? 

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