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Source: ABC/Getty Images

See the Cast of 'Lost' 14 Years After the Crash of Oceanic Flight 815


It has been 14 years since Lost premiered, and we're still scratching our heads on some of the plot points surrounding this addicting series. 

This 2004 show followed the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 after their plane crashed on a mysterious island — and fans watched for six seasons as the lives of these individuals were told, and ultimately revealed to be intertwined. 

Find out below where some of your favorite survivors of Flight 815 are today: 

1. Matthew Fox (Dr. Jack Shephard)

Source: ABC/Getty Images

Matthew Fox played Dr. Jack Shephard, who became the leader of the group of survivors in Lost. Since his TV show success, he has kept a low profile, only acting in a few roles. His last credit is from 2015, when he starred in Bone Tomahawk