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Source: Netflix

26 'Black Mirror' Season 5 Memes for Everyone Who's Already Binge Watched It


Netflix's Black Mirror has returned for Season 5, and as with the previous seasons, it'll have you worrying about our ever increasing reliance on technology. While Season 5 is only three episodes long, each episode runs for over an hour, and so far fans seem to love each and every episode. 

Episode 1, "Striking Vipers," explores relationships and virtual reality. Episode 2, "Smithereens," explores the dangers of ride sharing apps, and Episode 3, "Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too" stars Miley Cyrus and looks at the life of a lonely teen who gets obsessed with the singer. 

Despite Season 5 of Black Mirror only being released at midnight on Wednesday, some fans have already binge-watched the entire season and shared their thoughts on Twitter, in meme form of course. 

1. Some fans seem to think that people will be watching their husbands pretty closely after Episode 1, "Striking Vipers."