"Blue Sweatpants Girl" Is Taking Over TikTok With Her Moves

Lauren Sophia has gone viral for her take on a viral Tyla dance.


Jun. 20 2024, Updated 11:48 a.m. ET

The magic of TikTok comes in large part from its ability to lift up anyone from basically any walk of life. Sometimes, people become phenomenons on the platform before people even learn their real names, and that sense of regular people with unusual talents or skill becoming a big deal is a huge part of the appeal.

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In mid-June 2024, that very thing has happened to someone who has become known as the blue sweatpants girl on TikTok. That nickname comes from the pants she's wearing in the video that made her famous. Here's what we know about who she is and why she's suddenly all over TikTok.

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Who is the blue sweatpants girl on TikTok?

The blue sweatpants girl is Lauren Sophia, a TikToker who became a viral sensation after she uploaded a video of herself dancing to CPK Shawn's version of "Pop Like This Pt. 2."

In the video, she dances in the Bacardi style, a South African dance that singer/songwriter Tyla is also known for employing. Lauren is wearing a pink crop top and blue sweatpants in the video, which has wracked up millions of views even though it's just a few seconds long.

Lauren's viral success is littered with comments comparing her to Tyla, with some even suggesting that the singer should hire her. In a follow-up video, Lauren explained that she is originally from Puerto Rico, and also added that she had no idea how she had moved the way that she did in the video that has now gone viral. Lauren did explain that she loves to dance, though.

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The video has now been viewed more than 90 million times, and it's also garnered Lauren more than 700,000 followers on TikTok. That single video may have created new avenues for Lauren that she can follow for years to come, even though it's just a few seconds of dancing. Lauren's other videos prove that that dance wasn't just a fluke, though. She is certainly talented.

Source: TikTok/@laurasophiasotopr
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Dance has long been a core part of TikTok's appeal.

While the app has more recently broadened into plenty of other subgenres that are targeted at specific users, dance was one of the earliest genres to be featured prominent on the app. Some of the earliest influencers to emerge from TikTok, including Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae, started as dancers who accrued popularity before they branched out into other interests.

Even as TikTok has become more diversified, dance is still a core part of the appeal for some, and Lauren seems to have been able to capitalize on the part of the TikTok audience that loves to watch people move in rhythm.

Although she's now known as just the blue sweatpants girl, if she's able to keep her audience interested, people will eventually know Lauren's name. In the meantime, you can check out the entire video she made focused on the titular blue sweatpants.

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