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Horrible Boss Fires Employee For Performance Issues After Both His Parents Died


A "heartless" boss was decimated on Reddit after asking whether or not they were in the wrong for firing an employee a few weeks after their parents died and their performance suffered.

When it comes to workplace benefits in the U.S. vs. other countries, America lags far, far behind. Compared to third-world countries, obviously, we've got it pretty good, but when it comes to paid time off, parental leave, vacation time, and job security, we're getting creamed by other industrialized nations.

Countries like Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Finland, and Sweden have some "generous" policies when it comes to job security. There's a healthy understanding that individuals operate better at their places of work when they aren't constantly worried about losing their job. Employers are also held to higher standards and workplace compliance isn't used as a tool to get rid of a worker whenever management wants to replace them with someone who'll do the job for less money.

This is especially true of industries that are very numbers-oriented, like the sales position this young man was working in. He was, by the boss' admission, a great employee — so good that they were considering giving him a promotion despite the fact that he's only 22 years old and had been with the company less than a year.

Sadly, this young man's parents were involved in a fatal car accident. He lost both of them on the same day.