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Source: istock

Dad Anonymously Confesses Daughter's 'Dark Secret' Before Her Boyfriend Proposes


A distraught father who knows a "dark secret" about his daughter doesn't know whether he should divulge it to her fiancé.

When it comes to relationships, it's always hard to know when you should stay quiet and when you should speak up.

In my experience, few people react well to potentially bad news that further complicates their lives or makes them face uncomfortable truths.

Only once have has a friend thanked me for telling them what I honestly thought about their jerk significant other. But that's literally one person. Most don't really appreciate having it pointed out to them that they're dating a scumbag. Some have even stopped talking to me altogether.

On the other hand, I've had friends who were ruined by bad relationships with people who suck and watched, guiltily, as they lamented not learning the truth sooner.

So I can understand the dilemma facing this dad's who posted to the AITA subreddit. He asked if he should reveal his daughter's "dark secret" to her fiancé before they marry. There's lot at stake — namely, his relationship with his daughter.

What is the secret? She's a diagnosed sociopath.