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Source: facebook

Dad Makes His Daughter Walk 5 Miles to School In 36-Degree Weather for Bullying

By Mustafa Gatollari

Matt Cox of Swanton, Ohio is currently the talk of the parenting town all over Facebook. He administered a no-nonsense punishment to his daughter, Kirsten, when she was caught bullying a classmate while riding on the school bus.

The 10-year-old elementary student was forced off the bus twice in the past for her behavior. When she was, Matt had to pick her up and drive her to school. As a parent myself, I have to tell you having to leave work in the middle of the morning to pick up my kid for being a jerk is something that would absolutely infuriate me.

I would want to give my kid a punishment they wouldn't soon forget.

What Matt Cox did may seem extreme to some, but I personally understand exactly where he was coming from. If his daughter got used to him bailing her out with a ride to school all the time, there'd be no reason for her to change her behavior. As Matt saw it, it would require drastic measures to nip this kind of behavior in the bud.