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Source: YouTube

These OG Characters From 'Breaking Bad' Will Appear in 'El Camino'


Six years after the Breaking Bad finale, Netflix has finally come out with the made-for-streaming film sequel, El Camino.

The movie picks right back up with Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul), set just after. But it turns out Jesse isn't the only returning character from the original FX series. If you're wondering which Breaking Bad characters will be in El Camino, expect to see some familiar faces.

Which Breaking Bad characters are in El Camino? Obviously, Aaron Paul.

Jesse, the beloved meth cook, dealer, and sidekick to Walter White will be the main focus of the Emmy Award-winning show's sequel film.

According to NPR, the movie is going to follow Jesse as he's on the run from the police. While he's getting a taste of freedom after being held captive, he's also grieving the trauma of getting in trouble, and being the reason for the death of two people he's loved.