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The Real Reason Behind the #BrendonUrieIsOverParty Hashtag



Although many of us considered Brendon Urie to be an unproblematic favorite, it seems as though we may have been wrong. The former Panic! At The Disco hottie is swimming in some serious hot water at this moment in time, which has ultimately inspired a #BrendonUrieIsOverParty hashtag on Twitter. So really, what happened to the pop punk singer?

Stay tuned for a run-down on Brendon Urie's controversy — it seems as though the "Death of a Bachelor" singer's dark past might be coming back to haunt him.

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What did Brendon Urie do?

While many of us regret things we've said or done in the past, Brendon's track record is pretty cringe-worthy. According to Meaww, Brendon reportedly made racist, misogynist, transphobic, and ableist comments in the past. 

At one point, he also may have admitted to reportedly sexually harassing former Panic! bandmate, Ryan Ross. 

Twitter user @dinasapphic tweeted Brendon's long list of shocking offenses, and honestly, things aren't looking good for him.

Did Brendon Urie use the N-word?

Using the N-word is never acceptable, even if it's just a lyric in someone else's song, and fans have caught Brendon singing it on various occasions. According to @nerdjpg he was caught doing this during a livestream, and @dinasapphic called him out for doing so as well. 

@dinasapphic also noted that Brendon decided to recite Chris D'Elia's monologue "I Wish I Was Black" at one of his concerts, with no additional context. Fans were confused by this seemingly misplaced reference, and perceived it as seriously tasteless. 

He may have been disrespectful to the LGBT community.

Although Brendon Urie has since come out as pansexual, he has said some relatively questionable things about the LGBT community in the past. In a past interview, according to @dinasapphic, he fetishized bisexuality, saying it was "attractive," despite still claiming he was straight

Many also feel he inappropriately poked fun at the trans community. When someone asked if he was a 9-year-old in skinny jeans and leather, he responded the comment was "offensive to 9-year-olds, jean-gendered and leather-gendered people." 

At one point in 2015, Brendon also apparently compared Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who lied about being black and transracial, via Periscope.

He's also under fire for laughing at an ableist joke, and for reportedly making sexist comments.

@dinasapphic called out Brendon for laughing at an ableist joke reportedly made by his former bandmate, Zack, about a nun with Down Syndrome. While he didn't make the comment himself, the Twitter user felt he didn't have to egg on the joke in the manner that he did. 

Additionally, @dinasapphic called Brendon out for apparently alluding to sleeping with his fans (who are predominantly teenage girls). She also noted he used lines from Janet Jackson's "Nasty," a song about women's empowerment, in one of his songs, and for condoning slut-shaming in the lyrics to his hit song, "Miss Jackson."

Brendon also may have admitted to kissing a former bandmate without consent.

Brendon calls it "stage gay," others call it sexual assault. Apparently, the singer admitted to kissing his former bandmate, Ryan Ross, on the lips and on his neck on-stage, despite the fact that Ryan said he didn't like it, according to @dinasapphic. He also admitted to doing this in front of their friends, after drinking a few beers.

Additionally, @dinasapphic noted Brendon said men should come out about their #MeToo stories, despite the fact that he outwardly admitted to making passes at Ryan against his will. It was definitely strange, considering the circumstances.

Many fans are arguing against these points, advocating for Brendon.

Several Brendon Urie stans say he's apologized for all of these things, and that he doesn't need to become a "victim of cancel culture." Check out how fans are counteracting these allegations below.

Should Brendon be forgiven for his past actions, or is he officially canceled? Right now, it's up in the air, but Brendon certainly has some explaining to do.

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