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Memes That Only a Capricorn Will Truly Understand



Every zodiac-obsessed human like myself is anticipating the start of Capricorn season, which officially begins on Dec. 22 and ends by Jan. 19. By nature, Capricorns are responsible, super disciplined, relatively unforgiving, and often expect the worst. They're represented by a goat, and fall under the category of "Earth signs," which also include the Taurus and Virgo. And if you happen to be a Capricorn yourself, I'm certain you'll be able to relate to each of these Capricorn season memes

These Capricorn season memes will speak to your inner goat.

1. We're seeing some serious excitement right now.

Between Christmas, New Years, and all of the crazy Caps out here, there is nothing quite like Capricorn season. 

2. But also, get ready for some existential dread.

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Yeah... brace yourself for all of the existential dread in the world to come out at once. Capricorns — we're counting on you.

3. Also prepare for some lifelong grudges to surface...

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"Yes, I'm still mad about an argument we had three years ago. No, I don't feel like talking about it."

4. ... And some serious sass.

If you're smart, you won't mess with a Capricorn. See what I'm saying?

5. All the ~goats~ are coming out to play.

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And clearly, they're bumping some pretty metal beats... rock on.

6. So just know things are bound to get rowdy.

What is even happening here...

7. Seriously, though — don't be scared.

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They're here!!!!

8. And remember: if you're buying a Cap a birthday present, they only want ca$h.

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"All I want for Christmas is money..." That's how the song goes, right?

9. Anyway, everything is fine — just don't get in their way.

Capricorns are coming out, so we should really get this party started, y'all.

10. There's no denying Caps are a little nervous for the suns to align.

Please be kind! To everyone!

11. And to be completely honest, they aren't about to handle your emotions.

"Oh you're crying? I'm gonna go stand over there... feel better though!" - every Capricorn ever

12. In the end, though, they're really just trying to have a good time.

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Honestly, none of these personality traits are negative. Also, everyone can relate to Oprah and her beloved veggie garden.

13. Oh, and the spotlight? It's for Caps and Caps only.

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Yeah, it's the holiday season, and you're probably preparing to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and maybe Kwanzaa. Regardless, it's also your favorite Capricorn's birthday month, and I'm sorry, but you're going to have to pick one. 

14. And they're definitely ready to stir the pot.

Oh, you have some dirt on that girl from high school? The Capricorns in your life are totally dying to hear about it. 

15. But bottom line: JUST GIVE YOUR CAPS SOME LOVE.

I don't want to generalize, but almost every Capricorn out there is Buttercup — it's a simple fact of life.


Birthdays are simultaneously nerve-wracking and exciting, but think about it — Capricorn season is among us, and that means you get to show off your wild side. Be the goat you want to see in the world, and remember: it's all about you.

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