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People Are Sharing Their "Florida Man" Horoscopes and They're Hilarious


The legend of "Florida Man" continues to grow. As each new absurd headline comes out of the Sunshine State, the mythos of this esoteric figure — capable of crimes that are simultaneously horrifying and hilarious — reaches new heights.

"Florida Man" has become such a cultural phenomenon that mainstream TV series have done bits on him, sketch comedy shows have dedicated entire segments to him, and people have even shot movie trailers for the omnipresent figure.

He seems to be the most popular on the internet, where morbid fascinations with the strange and astoundingly weird thrive. It's only natural "Florida Man" became, not just a meme, but also a source of solid clicks for media outlets. Heck, there's probably a mini "Florida Man" economy on the internet with tons of different people getting a piece of that pie.

Since it looks like there's no end in sight to the disturbing "Florida Man" headlines from America's favorite swamp, we might as well have as much fun with it as possible. Which is probably how this wonderful Florida Man zodiac game got started.