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Source: Twitter

Animals Stunned by the Cold in Florida Are Showing up Everywhere

By Aimee Lutkin

Bitter cold weather has settled all along the East coast and extended as far West as Texas and as far South as Florida. Last night, I slept in a sweatshirt, hat, and two pairs of socks, and still woke up with a frozen nose. It's really that bad — and if I think it's bad for me, it's worse for anyone living in a climates that don't typically get all that cold (or shouldn't be getting this cold, I should say). 

People in areas unaccustomed to these temperatures are really struggling to get through the worst of it, but there's a  non-human population that can't deal with it, either. Animals in more traditionally tropical climes are completely stunned.

Iguanas are falling out of trees. 

And sea turtles are floating to the surface of the water: