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Animals Stunned By The Cold In Florida Are Showing Up Everywhere

Animals Stunned By The Cold In Florida Are Showing Up Everywhere
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6 months ago

Bitter cold weather has settled all along the East coast and extended as far West as Texas and as far South as Florida. Last night, I slept in a sweatshirt, hat, and two pairs of socks, and still woke up with a frozen nose. 

People in areas unaccustomed to these temperatures are really struggling to get through the worst of it, but there's a  non-human population that can't deal with it, either. Animals in more traditionally tropical climes are completely stunned.

Iguanas are falling out of trees:

And sea turtles are floating to the surface of the water:

A stunned iguana or floating turtle hasn't necessarily passed on to the next life. Many of them can recover when the cold passes, with proper care. Iguanas are generally considered an invasive species in Florida, so people are mostly just taking photos of them slumped on the ground and then walking away:

Which is perhaps for the best, as this warning indicates picking up a frozen iguana may end with it waking up in your arms and biting the crap out of you:

The sea turtles are getting royal treatment, however. Pictures of rescue groups gathering these poor, cold, sleepy turts is heartwarming (though physically, I remain EXTREMELY cold):

Stay strong, animals. Summer will come again. Now I have to go chip the icicles out of my stove.

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