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Source: GETTY

Twitter Can't Decide if Charles Barkley Is Canceled After He Made This Joke


Another day, another cancellation. Former NBA player turned basketball analyst Charles Barkley came under fire for comments made to a reporter suggesting that he would hit her. The internet is divided on whether or not Charles should be held accountable for his statements with one side claiming that he's encouraging violence against women and the other side saying that the 56-year-old makes jokes like this constantly and that's just who he is. Can Charles be canceled for something now that he's been doing for years?

Is Charles Barkley canceled?

Alexi McCammond is a reporter for Axios and mainly covers politics. But when she was told by Charles that, "I don’t hit women but if I did I would hit you," she took to Twitter to report what occurred. Following the tweet, Alexi was inundated with threats on Twitter, as well as through emails and phone calls