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Woman Live Tweets Co-Worker Bringing Raw Chicken to the Office Potluck



The office potluck is an opportunity for everyone to come together over some guacamole and pizza. The office potluck is not an opportunity to poison everyone you hate in the office by bringing raw chicken and a deep fryer to make some wings on the spot. 

Twitter user @caveofbeauty recently took to Twitter to live tweet an experience that seems more like a sketch from The Office than reality. It all begins with her sharing a photo of a bag full of raw chicken one of her coworkers brought to work. 

And yes, he even brought his deep fryer to stink out the rec-room with the smell of chicken wings for all of eternity. But it gets worse. He didn't bring any seasoning. 

Why would anyone think of doing something like this?! 

"This has gone entirely too far," @caveofbeauty explains in a further tweet. "First he had salmonella brewing in the air with the open bag of raw chicken."

"Now he’s touching it with his bare hands. SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE."

But yes, this situation can somehow get even worse. She goes on to explain that after handing the raw chicken with bare hands, the coworker started touching everything

"I’m literally shaking rn," she continues. "I need my inhaler. He’s just casually walking around the room touching things after touching RAW CHICKEN. This entire place is contaminated. Oh my god."

At least one person seemed to be okay with everything that was going down. 

His method for making sure they were done? Not cutting them open like any sane person. 

STOP. @caveofbeauty explains how she avoided actually having to eat some of his chicken.

But not everyone was so lucky. 

Apparently the wings proved pretty popular, though. The guy soon came back with a second bag of raw chicken. 

To top things off, this is only her third week on the job. 

How is this not a human resources violation? 

"My coworker had to leave early because she’s sick," @caveofbeauty added later in the day. "He offered to make more tomorrow and I immediately said 'no today was enough!' And he laughed it off but sir I’m being serious."

And here's what might be the worst part...

If you're not feeling queasy after reading all this, something is wrong with you. 

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