Dog-Sitter Arrives at Client's House, Is Greeted by Babies Instead of Pets in Epic Mix-Up

"What do you mean you gave me the wrong address?! Do you not remember moving?!"

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 13 2024, Published 5:31 p.m. ET

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Imagine you were tasked with entering someone's home to look after their pets while no one else is there — they give you a special access code in order to enter their domicile so you can tend to their pooch, along with the corresponding address you need to plug into your GPS so you can fulfill your end of the agreement.

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So you do just that — you show up at the location they asked you to arrive at, and you plug in the key they handed over to you in the home's front-door alphanumerical security access system. The code works as it should and you crack open the door, probably slowly, just in case their pet was waiting by the front door, just waiting for the chance to launch themselves out of the house and into the neighborhood.

But that doesn't happen. You get inside and there's no sign of any animals. No sounds either. What you do see, however, are two babies you've never met before in your entire life.

You don't wait longer to see if there are any adults in the home because it becomes readily apparent you stumbled into something that wasn't part of the original deal.

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That's what X user Jazlyn (@msjazlynrenee) said happened to her after accepting a dog babysitting gig from a client who unknowingly put the woman in an uncomfortable situation. In a series of posts to the popular social media platform, she explained what went wrong.

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Jazlyn relayed her scary and uncomfortable situation in a series of tweets, which began with her walking into what she thought was her client's address where she was getting ready to look after someone's pet dog. Instead, she was greeted with two young children.

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Puzzled and probably a bit freaked out, Jazlyn immediately exited the home because, as she says, there wasn't supposed to be anyone present inside of the home. To further add to her confusion, it's not as if the door was open and she was able to simply gain access to the house — she put in a code to get inside of the house and everything.

She decided to retreat to the safety of her vehicle instead where she texted the client who hired her to look after her pooch. After waiting around for about 10 minutes and not receiving a response, Jazlyn decided to high-tail it out of there.

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After Jazlyn had already left the house, she received a call from the client who began asking her particulars about the home situation, like if there was a "blue jeep in the driveway," but the client reiterated that there wasn't supposed to be anyone at home.

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However, the pet owner quickly realized what the source of Jazlyn's confusion was: she gave the dog sitter her previous address, which left the sitter baffled, because, as she put it, how could her client not remember that she had moved to an entirely different location?

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And in what will probably go down as an example of how not to keep your home secure, Jazlyn pointed out that the client's old code for their home wasn't changed by the new residents, which, she says, is how she was able to get in without incident.

She did express some worry over the incident, however, hypothesizing how things might look if the residents in question saw her on a doorbell camera and questioned why a strange woman was going into their home while their kids were just chilling on the couch.

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Jazlyn added that she was feeling so bad about the incident that she wanted to return to the home to let the residents "know what happened" as the event was "eating at [her] all day."

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According to other folks who responded to her X post, Jazlyn wasn't alone — one person who booked a stay at an Airbnb remarked that the homeowner did the same thing: a new owner was living inside of the abode, but the previous resident's code worked like a charm for people who wanted to get inside the crib.

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Someone else recommended to Jazlyn that she should probably go back to the house and let whoever was living there know how easily she was able to gain access to their place, and their family: "I would randomly go back another day and let them know they should probably change the code on that lock. lol"

To which she replied that she probably would: "I think I am tomorrow honestly because I was saying thank goodness it happened to me, A NICE CITIZEN, and not some crazy psycho."

How would have you reacted to entering someone's home to babysit their pet only to be greeted with babies ... but no pets?

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