Who Gave This Woman a Microphone? Let's Breakdown This Viral Cringe Wedding Speech From TikTok

POV: You're at a wedding and you hear the cringiest speech you have every heard in your life, so you record it and it goes viral on TikTok.

Allison Hunt - Author

Oct. 27 2022, Published 10:28 p.m. ET

POV: You're at a wedding and you hear the cringiest speech you have every heard in your life, so you record it and it goes viral on TikTok. Well, that's exactly what one groom's sister did.

The video in questions was posted by Tori, who goes by @browneyed_beautee on TikTok, and it has garnered 8.9 million views with 923.8K likes, and 11.5K comments as of this writing.

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The video is 1 minute and 49 seconds long and starts off OK. The speaker, Shannon, begins by introducing herself, explaining how long she's known the bride (Tracy, a white woman), and although she doesn't know the groom (Anthony, a Black man) well, Tracy talks about him nonstop.

You can definitely tell Shannon is going a bit off the cuff when she awkwardly jokes about how the groom "better take care of her girl" because she "knows where he lives," but we can just chalk that up to nerves.

And then the speech takes a turn around the 1-minute mark...

Shannon then says to the groom, "You're a part of the family, I swear to God. Like, I'm not going to be racist, you guys, I'm just sayin'." Which doesn't even make sense. You can hear someone in the audience even say, "Oh my gosh."

She then continues and makes it almost a comedy bit, snapping her fingers and jokingly saying, "I'm gonna be racist, OK" and laughing. Shannon continues on, commenting about how people will talk about the newlyweds being an interracial couple but how she loves that they're "outstepping the stereotype."

She then tells the audience how she "loves Black people." One person attending proved that not all heroes wear capes when they started clapping, putting us all out of our misery.

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And the comments did not disappoint...

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One person even commented about the person who started clapping and our girl Tori posted this humorous reply.

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Of course, the people had to know if the bride had other friends who gave speeches...

This speech was definitely much more heartwarming and endearing.

Later, Tori posted another video of women on the dance floor during the bouquet toss, including Shannon. Tori let us know that the attendees were still able to have a great time after the awkward speech, writing, "The night went on and it was still beautiful and fun."

Tori even got the bride's reaction to the speech for us viewers on TikTok!

The text message reads: "When she started going there I kind of froze up, and I was holding Anthony's hand. Once she got to the mixing part, I dug my nails into his palm and immediately looked toward the family and gave Ty that light 'get her' look."

So clearly, Tracy was not too pleased.

At this point, we feel like we were there. Thank you, Tori, for the #weddingcontent and a huge congratulations to Tracy and Anthony!

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