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Source: twitter

This woman can multi-task.

This Woman Live Tweeted From the Stranded Cruise Ship in Norway


Alexus Sheppard is one of the passengers on The Viking Star, a cruise ship that was stranded right off the coast of Norway in a powerful turn of events that proved, cruise vacations can, in fact, get worse.

I never understood the idea of going on a giant boat as a means of pleasure. First, it's an outmoded form of transportation. I'd get it if you were a sailor and were actually piloting the boat.

But sitting around as a passenger and engorging yourself on buffets while watching reheated versions of your favorite forms of entertainment — all of which you could do in any third-rate casino on, you know, land — doesn't sound like my idea of a good time. I get it if you're planning on murdering someone in international waters or are shooting an Indie film that takes place on a cruise ship and are going about it on the cheap, then boarding one of these things is a good idea.

Putting all of my biases and confusion towards cruises aside, most of them usually go off without a hitch. But when one does encounter problems, it becomes a pretty big deal. I'm talking James Cameron/Leonardo DiCaprio big deal. 

I'm talking live-tweeting the disaster while the world watches big deal. Picture it: you're aboard an enormous vessel filled with 1,300 passengers and all of you are waiting to be rescued by probably another cruise ship.