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Struggling Dad Wants to Know If He's Wrong For Wanting to Cancel Christmas


I didn't celebrate Christmas growing up, but I did know what it was like to prepare for a big holiday celebration, and all of the emotions that went along with it. As a kid, it's anticipation and a giddy, almost drunk-like happiness knowing that you'll be seeing all of your family members on a very special day. However, I could imagine for my parents it was a stressful and sometimes depressing affair, like it is for this father on Reddit going through a rough financial time.

I wasn't exactly rich growing up, and my family basically squatted in a house we couldn't afford because the realtor was nice enough to work with the Sheriff's department to give us an extra year or so to get our affairs in order. As a father myself now and the sole provider for my wife and two kids for some 4+ years, the fear of being in that same position is always at the forefront of my mind, which makes enjoying vacations and outings a bit difficult.

Source: iStock