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Source: HBO

Bran gives Arya dagger in 'Game of Thrones'

This Dagger Theory Could Predict How 'Game of Thrones' Ends


True (or at least obsessive) Game of Thrones fans have probably spent a lot of time on reddit digging through endless theories about who will sit on the Iron Throne, and more importantly, who will defeat the Night King. Even though we finally got the answer to that question (spoiler alert: Arya kills the Night King), that still isn't stopping us from digging deeper and deeper, dissecting every clue, angle, or symbol we may have missed in the previous seven seasons. 

Arya Stark used Littlefinger's dagger — the same dagger that an assassin once used to try to kill Bran back in Season 1 — to kill the Night King. In case you need a recap, the a hired assassin breaks into the room Catelyn Stark is staying in with Bran (who's still in a coma after Jaime Lannister pushes him from the top of a tower). 

Catelyn lunges herself at the man before he can come close to Bran, and the dagger nearly slices her hand off before Summer, Bran's direwolf, saves everyone by chomping on the assassin's neck. Catelyn realizes the dagger is valuable (it's made of Valyrian steel), so she goes to Littlefinger to see if he knows where it may have come from. Littlefinger fabricates what we now know is a lie, telling Catelyn that it was Tyrion's, who allegedly won it in a bet.