Fans Are Worried About the Dog Introduced in the 'Fallout' TV Show — Is She Alive? (SPOILERS)

CX404 is a canine companion introduced in the 'Fallout' TV series on Prime Video. Does she make it to the end?

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Apr. 12 2024, Published 10:21 a.m. ET

Key art for CX404 in 'Fallout'
Source: Prime Video

Spoiler alert: This article contains plot details for the Fallout series on Prime Video.

As of the 2020s, live-action adaptations of classic video games continue to thrive on both the big and small screens. This includes the Fallout TV series, which began streaming on Prime Video in April 2024. Based on the long-running RPG franchise from Bethesda Softworks, the Fallout show follows the same premise in which the last remnants of humanity attempt to survive in a post-apocalyptic society that has long since been ravaged by the aftermath of nuclear warfare.

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The show has received praise from both critics and fans alike for its faithfulness to the source material and its original story. Yet while the series has its place within the overarching Fallout timeline (controversial though it may be), it also introduces its own settings and characters to make it stand out from its previous installments.

One such new element is CX404, a canine who has predictably won over audiences already. So the question has to be asked: Does the dog die in the show?

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CX404 is a beloved canine companion in the 'Fallout' show, so fans are already wondering if she dies.

CX404 is introduced early on in the series. She is thought to be a facsimile of Dogmeat, an optional canine companion that players can recruit in the first two Fallout games. As for Dogmeat's television counterpart, CX404 is shown to be as sturdy a survivor as any remaining human as she traverses the wasteland that was once Los Angeles.

Like other survivors, however, she gets caught up in some violent scuffles in the post-apocalypse. During a shoot-out in which The Ghoul (Walton Goggins) guns down several survivors, he ends up stabbing CX404 when she lunges at him.

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As with any dog in violent media, fans are worried as to whether or not the dog in Fallout makes it out alive. People have already dedicated entire sites and resources to the living statuses of dogs in entertainment media. And besides, Dogmeat unfortunately meets a grisly end within the events of the original games. Thankfully, however, fans of the Fallout show needn't worry.

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CX404 manages to survive throughout the episodes of Fallout we've seen so far. After getting stabbed by The Ghoul, CX404 is seen breathing albeit suffering from her injuries. Surprisingly, The Ghoul himself decides to heal her with a Stimpak and nurse her back to full health.

Interestingly enough, the dog even joins The Ghoul on his bounty hunting escapades and serves as his new loyal companion.

Even in the post-apocalypse of Fallout, it's hard to keep man's best friend down. CX404 lives on and continues to make her own living alongside her new partner.

All episodes of Fallout are currently streaming on Prime Video.

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