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Source: Instagram/Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz Says He Feels Guilty About His Mom's Alzheimer's Diagnosis


The 59-year-old host ofThe Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, has announced that he's recently learned his mom, Suna Oz, has Alzheimer's. "I'm feeling guilty, because I completely missed the signs until fairly late in the process," Dr. Oz told PEOPLE. Dr. Oz said he started to feel something was off when 81-year-old Suna, who was "already stubborn" started to act "irrational." Dr. Oz said, "The stubbornness transitioned from just her being an opinionated person to, 'Hey, that's dangerous medically. I can't let you do that." The doctor and TV show host is "frustrated and mad" at himself for not seeing the signs that his mom's health was deteriorating. Suna is currently living in her home country of Turkey with Daphne, who is Dr. Oz's sister. 

Source: Instagram/Dr. Oz