"This Could Be a Gas Leak" — Woman Drove Away With Gas Pump Still in Her Car

A woman accidentally drove away with a gas pump still in her car while she was trying to record a TikTok. Here's the full story.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 4 2023, Published 2:05 p.m. ET

A woman drove away with the gas pump still in her car
Source: TikTok/@_megan_ann_22

Anyone who has ever pumped gas before has probably had the same intrusive thought about it when driving. You place the pump in the back of your car and fill it up. You go to drive off to wherever when a sudden lurch and an awful snag force you to realize that whoops, you accidentally left the gas pump in your car. You really don't want to consider what might happen if that ever actually takes place, so you make sure that you always place it back when your car is full.

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Unfortunately, that irrational fear became someone's reality. On TikTok, Megan Ann (@_megan_ann_22) chronicled her quick but worrisome story in which she did exactly what most drivers are afraid of doing. She drove away with the gas pump still in her car. The immediate results are probably worse than you may have anticipated at first, but the overall outcome might surprise you. Here's what Megan had to go through and what people had to say about it once it actually happened.

A woman drove away with gas pump in car
Source: TikTok/@_megan_ann_22
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A woman accidentally drove away with a gas pump in her car.

Megan shared the entire story on TikTok. She initially started recording a video to share some nostalgia she felt while driving into a truck stop to fill up on gas. She had no idea that her video would end in a small-scale disaster.

In a video that presumably takes place shortly after her truck stop story, Megan revealed that she accidentally drove away with the gas pump still stuck in her car. To make matters worse, the pump came clean off.

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To make matters worse, the pump came clean off. "I am gonna be in so much f------ trouble," she proclaimed in her video. What would you do in this situation?

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Megan took the pump out of her car and placed it back in its holder, but the hose itself was still detached from the pump.

"This could be a gas leak," she guessed in a panic. "I need to call somebody."

In a short follow-up, she offered a PSA for others to avoid the same nightmare scenario.

"This is why you don't make videos in the middle of doing something like pumping gas because you'll distract yourself," she warned.

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Fortunately, folks in the comments tried to abate some of her fears. According to some people, pumps like these are meant to disconnect easily. Thank goodness for safety features!

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"I'm pretty sure it's designed that way with the nozzle to prevent the gas from leaking," one person wrote.

Another user commented, confirming that "it is designed to disconnect. There is a section on the hose called a disconnect. It has a stopper in it as soon as it [reaches] 1/2."

"They're designed to quick connect for safety," one more person posited. "It's all good, but they don't go back on without a technician. Just leave it, not a huge deal."

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It would appear that gas stations have come up with ways to cross off one of the most worrisome intrusive thoughts a driver can have. But that doesn't mean you should forget to take out a gas pump when you're done filling up!

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