Lady Blocks Road to Brooklyn Bridge Over a Fender Bender, Refuses to Move as New Yorkers Yell

In a wild video, a driver blocks the road to the Brooklyn Bridge after a fender bender, and fellow New Yorkers freak out on her for not moving.


Aug. 3 2023, Published 2:43 p.m. ET

In an absolutely chaotic video that's been making the rounds online, a driver can be seen blocking traffic to the Brooklyn Bridge while fellow New Yorkers freak out on her.

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The whole situation is a mess. Keep scrolling for a breakdown of what happened, as well as to see the video itself. It's full of incredible New York accents and a lot of rage.

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A driver blocked traffic to the Brooklyn Bridge over a fender bender, and New Yorkers lost it on her.

In the wild video, a woman can be seeing holding up traffic to the Brooklyn Bridge after she's gotten into what appears to be a fender bender. "She's blocking the entire road to the bridge," the text on the video reads.

The man recording the video approaches the woman's car, where she is sitting in the driver's seat. A guy in an orange shirt is already standing outside her car trying to talk to her too.

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"Yo, look at this," the man who's recording says. "A f------ rear end. Everyone's trying to tell her that she should just move but she's not."

"She needs to move," the guy in the orange shirt chimes in.

"Look look look, there's no damage," the man who's recording tells the woman as she opens her car door to talk to them.

After that, it's a bit hard to understand what they're all saying, but it seems she's trying to explain to them that there actually is damage. She then closes the door again.

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"Move over so the rest of the traffic can pass," the guy in orange says to her through her closed window. "You're breaking the law. There's no injury."

At this, she rolls down her window and informs them she has the police on the phone, and she's talking to them on speaker. "The police are telling me..." she begins, only to get cut off by the shouting men.

It's unclear if maybe she was trying to say that the police were telling her to perhaps stay put. Either way, the rage among all parties continued.

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"I'm being harassed by three different men," she says into the phone.

"She's blocking the bridge!" cries the man who's recording, clearly hoping that the police can hear him. The guy in orange cries out too: "She's on the on-ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge and she wont move to pull over!"

"As you're talking, you're f------ spitting at me!" the woman tells the man who's recording.

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"Yo, only in Brooklyn," the man who's recording says before telling the woman, "By the way, this is going on the internet."

"I don't care if it goes on the internet, you j------," she says. "You're a j-------."

"Other people have places to go!" the guy in orange says.

Hoooo boy, did people have a lot to say about this video...

On a Reddit forum where this video was also shared, folks went to town discussing the situation. "Cops won't be able to get there because they can't get through the traffic," one user pointed out. Another wrote: "I'm more surprised nobody resorted to honking their brains out."

"Those were some nice New Yorkers if all they did was yell at her," someone else commented, while another user wrote: "Jersey plates, why am I not at all surprised."

"As someone born and raised in NYC but that doesn't live there anymore I F------LIVE FOR THESE VIDEOS," one person said. "God, the accents take me right back to happy childhood."

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