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Meet Ed Quinn's Wife, Heather Courtney-Quinn



On screen, Ed Quinn plays Victoria Franklin's gentle, caring husband, who also happens to be the President of the United States. The Oval chronicles the arduous labor that goes into maintaining a public profile, and the lesser-discussed personal challenges that come with the top job. But what about real life? 

We set out to investigate: who is the Victoria to Ed's Hunter in real life? Who is Ed Quinn's wife? 

Ed married the woman of his dreams in 2008, the busy, hectic year that marked his first major breakthrough as an actor. He started dating Heather Courtney just as the shooting of three movies, One Hogan Place, The Rainbow Tribe, and Living with Abandon wrapped up. How did the actor manage to find time to arrange dates and start a new relationship? It's unknown. However, judging by the actor's passionate character, a time deficit is hardly the biggest barrier he had to overcome.

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Who is Heather Courtney-Quinn, Ed Quinn's wife?

While Ed's talents shine best when he's in front of the camera – the actor has been in the trade for the past 20 years, before which he worked as a high-profile model traveling around the world and earning a living from shooting commercials – Heather tends to take up roles in the background.  

As a movie producer, Heather amassed a varied portfolio attesting to a multitude of different interests. Take The Mexorcist, a 2013 horror movie involving a long-retired exorcist's unexpected return to his chosen trade in light of the ruthless, cold-blooded murder of his brother, and his consequent, pitiless revenge on the killers, a group of malicious Mexican gangsters. 

On the other hand, her first-ever venture as a producer, the 2009 Un-Broke: What You Need to Know About Money is a television show teaching viewers about the importance of maintaining a rational, carefully considered approach toward fiscal matters.

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What about the early beginnings of Heather's career? 

The very first episode of Heather's career began at CAA, where she worked as part of the talent development team. Shortly afterward, she moved on to join the movie department of the Bel Air Entertainment, before signing to George Tillman's State Pictures. She joined the Will Smith-headed film production company, Overbrook, Entertainment in 2006.  

She developed some of her own projects while at the company, including the I Hate Pink, a teenage drama revolving around a young woman's irresolvable conflicts with her mother – this is a far-fetched hypothesis, but, could this be a sardonic take on Pretty in Pink? – and a half-hour long movie about sports personality, Jim Rome. 

So, is Ed anything like The Oval's Franklin in real life? 

It's highly unlikely. While the actor might be playing an inconceivably powerful, strong-worded, multi-faceted politician with an inexplicable talent to deliver sentimentally charged, motivational speeches, his real life is likely to be a bit more low-key. 

However, The Oval does attempt to create a personable, relatable portrayal of the people in the highest positions in the world, taking us behind the scene of the most complex political, bureaucratic and administrative system to ever have existed. 

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