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Source: Twitter/Getty Images

Ranking 20 Presidential Candidates Solely on Their Walkout Songs


The field of Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 is starting to look like a Royal Rumble, so it's only appropriate that the vast field of hopefuls selected walkout music for their appearance in Iowa that was as hype and pumped up as the start of Monday Night RAW.

With so many contenders at this stage, they seem to be competing to have the coolest entrance song. While it may not be the best criteria to judge the potential future leader of the free world, here's how the field of contenders stacks up based solely on their choice of walkout music.

20. Joe Biden: Nothing

Source: Getty Images

Biden didn't appear at the event, which either puts him at the top or the bottom of the list depending on which way you look at it. You could see it as the ultimate power move to not have a walkout song or indeed to not walk out at all. Or you could see it as a way to end up 20th out of 20 in some arbitrary ranking.