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15 Things You Should Definitely Never Do at a Wedding


Traditionally, the month of June is the peak of wedding season, but even if you're attending a celebration during this very typical time, chances are good it won't be 100 percent traditional. There have been so many changes in traditions over the years — most of them very welcome ones — and so many ways couples choose to unite before friends and family. The downside is, it can be difficult for guests to get a firm grasp of what is and is not OK behavior during someone's nuptials (or your own). 

However, thanks to the helpful and extremely accurate input from some clever folks on Twitter, we can assure you these moves will always be inadvisable, no matter how much the institution of marriage evolves.

1. Take bets on how long it will last.

Source: Twitter

We've all been guests at a wedding between two people that don't seem quite as "meant to be" as two people promising to be together until death should be. Sometimes the red flags are all there for everyone to see, including the "happy couple." Still, even if you're feeling lucky it's not cool to go around asking the over-under on their future divorce.