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Source: istock

Destination Bride Demands More Money From Guests After Wedding


People are lambasting an angry bride who sent a message out to guests who she felt didn't give an appropriate amount of money at her wedding.

Getting married for most people isn't easy. It's a super stressful time because planning a wedding is a dedicated balancing act of making your dream celebration a reality, while also trying to deal with your limitations. You may need to make some cutthroat decisions; every guest needs to be accounted for, table arrangements have to be made, getting a DJ who isn't a cocaine addict is hard, etc.

Even if money isn't an obstacle, you'll still have problems when planning your "perfect" wedding, and when money is very much an obstacle, it becomes much harder. Finding an appropriate venue with the menu you want, that'll work for all the guests you want to bring is very, very tough.

Which is why a lot of people probably rely on the "typical" envelope from their wedding guests to help offset the costs of the ceremony.