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Bride Cancels Wedding After Seeing Fiancé's Browser History



A bride called off her wedding after she was "betrayed" by her husband-to-be, but some people believe that she's overreacting.

One of the most difficult things to reconcile in relationships are differing values. It's hard to find to people who share the exact same set of values — heck, even identical twins end up having very different personalities, so how do two strangers expect to agree on everything just because they fell in love?

One of the most difficult things to reconcile in relationships are differing values. It's hard to find to people who share the exact same set of values — heck, even identical twins end up having very different personalities, so how do two strangers expect to agree on everything just because they fell in love?

And values are very personal — what one person thinks is life or death might not be a big deal to the other. 

Claire Dalton's engagement is probably a huge example of why varying values can make or break a relationship. Claire penned a post about the whopper of a discovery on her husband's phone that made their engagement a week before the wedding. It's important to note that Claire is very, very religious, which is something that I understand because, once upon a time, I was, too.

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From my current state of mind, however, I found the outrage, sadness, and heartbreak Claire expressed over this "discovery" on her fiancé's phone to be a little funny.

Without tip-toeing around what she found on his phone — although she doesn't explicitly state what it was — it sounds like the dude had a few tabs of some adult videos open.

To most people reading this, I'd guess that doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

But to someone like Claire, it is. And if you're having difficulty wrapping your head around that fact, read this passage:

"I have always been a very religious person. Religion has always been the core and center of my life and actions, and I grew up being taught true principles of the institution of marriage and family. I was always taught God’s purposes for marriage and family, and how to seek for and live in such a way that we can be blessed with an eternal family and an eternal marriage."

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Claire makes it abundantly clear that, since she was a young girl, she dreamed of a picture-perfect marriage with a picture-perfect husband, which includes strict "obedience to the doctrines and principles of the gospel." That means no naughty clips or videos.

From the way she talks about what she found on his phone, it seems like he was looking at stuff that was sadistic or criminal.

"It’s been one year. It’s been one year since my entire world came crashing down within seconds, and my whole life changed," she wrote.

"For whatever reason, I stood up and reached for his phone instead of mine to see when the store would be closed.

That’s when I found it.

Three words on his search bar that changed my entire view.  Three words that concluded he’d been searching...possibly just hours ago.  My entire demeanor must have changed in the brief second when I read those words because he asked me what was wrong.  I asked why those words were typed into his search bar, and I looked at him with pleading eyes, hoping there was some logical explanation.

I exited out of that window on his phone, only to find multiple windows open of sick and twisted ideas of what women supposedly look like.  I felt sick to my stomach."

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She never says what those three words were, but they must've been pretty vulgar or else it wouldn't have elicited such a strong reaction. 

After she "outed" him, he did his best to place the blame on his brother, which is a classic "how can I get myself out of this one?" move.

This next bit of hers I read with utter fascination because, again, I personally can't understand just how deeply someone could be affected by something like this, but Claire clearly was:

"The phone fell out of my hands and hung up before I had a chance to say much more. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to kick and punch the wall. But in that moment, I felt paralyzed. I had a sudden frightening sensation of someone grasping at my neck as if someone or something was attempting to suffocate me to my death.

"It wasn’t long before I found myself sobbing and screaming uncontrollably. Between sobs, my heart felt morbidly dysfunctional and stone cold. Little did I know it would feel like that for a very long time. I firmly called my wedding off as I sat across from the man I loved who suddenly seemed to be a stranger. I spent the night restlessly in a panic with uncontrollable tremors from my head to my toes. Everything felt dark and empty, and I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe the sun wasn’t going to come up in the morning this time. Maybe I’d be swallowed up by this suffocating darkness for the rest of my life."

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Claire writes that ultimately her belief in the strength of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ helped her to claw back from such a horrifying discovery and find happiness again.

"For my particular situation, I was the victim. And in such cases as mine, I had to reach the point where I stopped seeing myself as a victim, and saw myself as a woman of God with innate power and ability to experience healing and wholeness once again, which is exactly what I intended on doing."

There are a lot of people, however, who don't think that Claire is a victim at all and she's taking it a little too far with the God's glory stuff.

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Source: facebook

But there were a fair share of people who thought she was in the right, and others who thought the real problem was the lying.

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Source: facebook

They thought she was really hurt by the fact that he lied and shattered her confidence in their relationship and that's what was more devastating than the fact he was feasting his eyes on "dirty" stuff.

The craziest part of the whole story, however, is the fact that she ended up telling their 300 wedding guests that the wedding was called off, and she explained exactly why: because he was some kind of pervert.

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It's like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm come to life where all of Larry David's worst fears are confirmed.

What do you think? Is she over-reacting? Or did she have every right to breaking the relationship off like she did?

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