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Source: istock

Woman Divorces Husband Three Minutes After They Get Married


People are calling this 3-minute marriage in Kuwait the shortest in the country's history, if not the world.

There are fewer people who can anger us more quickly than those we have intensely close relationships with. Whether it's our parents, significant others, best friends, whoever, it's difficult to "play it cool" or not take things personally whenever we're criticized by those we love.

The relationship of a newly married Kuwaiti man and woman isn't exactly like one of those relationships, but it does involve two people who were intending to spend the rest of their lives together. That is, until one of them made a comment that angered the other person so much they decided to call the entire thing off right then and there.

Although the details vary a bit from source to source, the main story is this: right after signing the marriage certificate, the bride tripped while walking away from the judge. Her new husband, who found the idea of his wife tripping and falling on such a momentous occasion as hilarious, made fun of her for falling down.

He must've done it in a really demeaning way, because she was so furious that she walked right back into the courthouse and told the judge, "On second thought, never mind, I'm not marrying this bozo." I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist.