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People Confess the Reasons They Turned Down Marriage Proposals


I said "no" the first few times my now-fiancé proposed. He was way more sure about the direction of our relationship than I was for a while there. As time passed, I realized he is my person, and my hard "no" turned into a "maybe," and then a "someday," and then, eventually, a "yes." 

People turn down marriage proposals for all sorts of reasons. Some people simply are not ready to consider marriage. Others are questioning whether they want to be with their partner at all. Others are just not into breaking the law to help a person get a green card. One AskReddit thread is chock full of people who declined marriage proposals explaining why they said no. It is so much juicier and shocking than you might think. 

1. Whirlwind Romance

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LizaBerlin shared her story of a whirlwind, month-long romance that ended disastrously. She met him at an art opening, but they were from different states. After he left, they spoke on the phone every day for a month, and he asked her to visit him in Italy while he was there painting. She started preparing for the trip, but then he dropped the bombshell.

He confessed to her he was going to propose to her in Italy. She said she wasn't ready for that and felt like they were not on the same page about their relationship. That's when he went crazy and called her 50 times throughout the night. Eventually, she stopped answering.

Later, she learned he'd gone to prison for statutory rape. Way to dodge a bullet!