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This Guy Divided the Internet When He Asked If He Should Make His Pregnant Wife Move Out


I think we can all agree that being pregnant isn't exactly easy. You are literally growing a human being inside of you, your body is constantly changing, and your hormones get all out of whack. People joke about the crazy food cravings people get while they're pregnant, but those are just one small example of how your biology completely takes over and turns you into an obsessive, psychological mess. 

So when someone brings up a story about a pregnant person acting "crazy," I am inclined to side with the pregnant person. 

But it turns out not everyone feels the same way, especially when the pregnant person does something that could be seen as truly abusive. In a recent Reddit post in the subreddit r/AmItheAsshole, a man wondered if he would be out of line to ask his pregnant wife to move out of their house after she decided to test his loyalty.