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Moms Share What They Want for Mother's Day — Most of Them Don't Cost a Thing


Motherhood is hard work, and a lot of the small things moms do for their kids often go unnoticed and unappreciated. While one shouldn't need a special day to honor their mother and all she does, we thankfully do have a day on the calendar every year designated to thank moms for giving us life. The internet is littered with guides on the perfect gift, the ideal brunch, and other ways to shower mom with affection on Mother's Day. But it turns out breakfast and bed and a Pandora bracelet are not super high on a lot of mom's lists of desires.

On a recent Ask Reddit thread, women weighed in on what their hearts truly desire this Mother's Day. Turns out some of the most commonly desired presents don't even cost a cent, but they do require some effort. Here are 15 gifts moms really want from their kids and spouses.

1. Listen.

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User Blue Maboo really isn't asking a lot, "Just a day where I get home from work, they've done their chores, and they aren't bickering over nothing." I think most moms would put this high up on their list. So hey, if you're a kid and you don't have a lot of pocket money, this is right up your alley. Better yet, write her a  card saying you're sorry you don't do this more often and promise to try to make it more than a once-a-year thing.