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21 Husbands Explain Why Their Wives Are "Still the One"


Regardless of how "uncool" it is to openly talk about your desire to be with one special someone for the rest of your life, deep down inside the vast majority of us are pining for "the one." And a lot of us in long-term relationship long for that amazing, head-over-heels love to last forever.

The truth is that most of the time it won't. Still, a few people manage to find that ultimate soulmate, and they're just as gaga for them decades later as they were when they met them for the first time.

These Redditors have all been with their significant others for ten or more years and shared some of the frequent reminders that prove they found "the one."

1. This guy who loves the way his wife laughs.


For TheFlyingScotsman60 it's whenever the two of them can get silly together.

"27 years later I still get excited when she comes home from work or where ever. 27 years later we still make each other roll with laughter. I just love it when I see her laughing her head off with tears rolling down her cheeks. We are in this together, through the highs and the lows. It is us, a damn good team, against the rest of it and she does not take prisoners. I love her unconditionally and she me."