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Tinder Dude Gets Roasted for Creating "Sexist" Math Quiz Meant to Screen Women



A lot of people are "swiping left" on this guy's Tinder profile, because he thought it'd be a fun idea to get his potential matches performing math problems in their head.

Being single is tough and it's because loneliness, at least for me, is a horribly uncomfortable feeling that I can't get used to. I'd beat myself up before going out on a date and even if I knew it probably wasn't going to work out with that person, I still had that slight glimmer of hope in my stomach that we'd hit it off.

But that's even if it gets to the point where you want to go out on a date with somebody. Often you'll find yourself sloughing through tons of profiles of people who are either painfully uninteresting and/or not that physically attractive (to you). And you know that tons of people are probably thinking the same exact thing about you.

Even worse is when you've been around the dating block more than once, you start to develop biases. Had a bad experience with someone who was a waiter or waitress? You're going to think twice about everyone that crosses your path. Oh their profile says they're a model or actor? Probably means they're broke. They work in finance? They're either a douche or a total nerd. Unemployed? What a lazy bum.

Again, these are all personal biases and aren't necessarily true, but in the world of online dating you only have so many photos and bits of texts to make an impression on someone, so you need to get creative to try and defy these biases to get someone who's actually interested enough to want to text/talk to you.

One guy thought that he'd hit two birds with one stone: he came up with the out-of-the-box idea to have potential matches perform math problems, while simultaneously "screening" them to find out if they're dating material or not.

It's a plan that seems to have backfired. Immensely.

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In the post, he asked women to "do the math" and gave points out of 20. The closer who are to that score of 20, then the closer you were to being the kind of woman that he was into.

Some of the "bonuses" that he put on there are indisputably meritorious indicators: the ability to "hold a conversation" and being "open minded" are valid, although it depends on what his definitions of those things are. I know some dudes who translate open mindedness in whether or not a girl is willing to have a threesome and "holding a conversation" as listening to them ramble on for minutes on end without so much as a response.

Some of the other things he gave bonus points for, however, are oddly specific:

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If you're all of these things then congratulations, you're the woman of this man's dreams. Apparently he's got a thing for women who are shorter than 5'3, you get two points for that. If you're professional and ratchet, whatever that means, you also get bonus points. Loving family is a big, big plus for him too.

But it turns out that he's got some big turn offs, as well. And if you do any of the following, well I've got some bad news: you're getting points deducted.

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Twitter user @TheDreamGhoul decided to take the "quiz" and share her results with the rest of the internet. As it turns out, she didn't do too well.

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Other people, however, loved their odds.

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Source: twitter

Some people tried to guess what he looked like, and @TheDreamGhoul's description was very vivid.

Others noticed that there were some very weird stipulations going on in his test, specifically when it came to makeup and clothing.

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Source: twitter

Then there were some dudes who entered into the conversation who thought that women were capable of the same stringent standards. Guess they sympathized with this dude, then?

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Source: twitter

Sadly, this guy isn't the first guy to tread the familiar territory of douchebaggery on Tinder. There was this "street gentleman" who thought he'd create an entire presentation for women. It starts by telling them to "swipe left" if they're looking for a relationship and to "swipe right" if they want to have fun.

Tapping the middle option takes them to learn more. It's a strange profile indeed.

Source: joe.ie
Source: joe.ie

Right off the bat his self-description, and the order in which he delivers it, is a bit insane. He starts off by saying he's looking for ONE person to have a lot of fun with, but that he's not interested in relationships. Then right after that, he is THE man who likes shopping (there's only one I'm assuming and that's him, so ladies, you're in the presence of a unicorn, apparently.) And he follows that up with the fact that he's trying to write erotic and pornographic stories.

How do those two thoughts go together? It's like saying, "I'm THE man who likes getting his car washed and I'm trying to make snuff videos with stuffed animals." They're too completely different ideas.

Plus, why is he "trying" to write erotic stories. Does he start trying to write a sexy novel and then it turns into a children's Nursery rhyme book about cats? "Damn it! Another sex scene that devolved into a parable about why it's important to share. FML."

His profile only gets weirder from here.

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His choose-your-own-Tinder-adventure becomes more confusing. The most baffling line is "Like to laugh and cry of it." Is he saying that he only wants to date women who laugh so hard they cry? Or women who are upset at themselves for laughing?

There are just so many questions. And it gets worse and worse.

Source: joe.ie
Source: joe.ie

Ladies, he'll either give you the best oral ever or take you out for dinner. So if you're hungry and horny then I'm sorry because this Street Gentleman is offering only one service at a time.

I think I'll just take my free meal and uber myself home. Thanks bro.

He finally puts his slideshow of cringe out of its misery with a desperate call to action.

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This is why you can't let marketing majors who barely graduated on social dating platforms. Yuck.

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