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Woman Invites Dozens of Her Tinder Matches on the Same Date and It Backfires

By Anna Quintana

One woman's quest to be the next Bachelorette came to life when she tricked dozens of her Tinder suitors into coming together and competing for her IRL. 

One of her (lucky?) matches detailed the experience from the very first text to the ultimate reveal. Or as he described it, "An epic tale about subterfuge, dating in the 21st century, and the fall of human civilization." 

It all started when Twitter user @bvdhai jumped on Tinder to do some swiping and came across an "attractive young lady" with no bio. A little weird, but so far no red flags. 

They continued texting and eventually swapped numbers — and that is when things got weird. Disclaimer: grab some popcorn because it's about to get good.